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I read that you learn more from a poor example than from a correct one. I don't believe this but that means my site will be a success.

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In re-reading High Output Management recently, I was particularly interested in reading over Andy Grove’s schedule and seeing how he spent his time. I thought it might be interesting to post something similar to how I allocate my time throughout the year.

Regular Occurring Events:

Weekly 1:1’s with all direct reports Weekly 1:1’s with PM, Design, etc Weekly 1:1’s with my manager Weekly leadership meeting with pillar leadership Bi-weekly 1:1’s with peers Monthly Career Conversations with direct reports

Quarterly Meetings

Beginning/End of Quarter

Review Previous Quarter & how we did on our Goals Kickoff new Quarter, talk through new Goals

Halfway through Quarter

Review Goal Progress with Team Start planning next quarter w/ team

Biweekly (Assuming 2 week sprints):

Plan for New Sprint Complete Sprint Start New Sprint Retrospect on Previous Sprint Follow up on Retro Action Items

A typical weekly schedule


Run Standup, take notes Look for tickets due and explain state of any tickets due Go over open tickets with QA

Triage over tickets in JIRA:

  • Overall Ticket Dashboard
  • Ungroomed Tickets
  • Missing Start Date for Epics Query
  • Tickets Due


Bug Triage with PM Meet with Pillar Leadership Post daily standup updates


Review Healthscores for Team Review team escalations Review Open, Useful Bugs Post daily standup updates


Post daily standup updates


Run Standup, take notes SLA Analysis

  • How are our services doing? Go over Leadership Dashboards
  • Are we on track towards our pillar’s goals? Go over Quality Dashboard
  • Are we collecting debt in a certain area? Did our recent project rollouts go well? Update Project Statuses

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