Matt Blair

Matt Blair

I read that you learn more from a poor example than from a correct one. I don't believe this but that means my site will be a success.

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So we’ve rolled out a new build process at work. I’ve started working with a new company, and when I arrived, the build process for a new environment consisted of a 20 page manual somebody had written. The process of putting a build on an environment was slow, the manual had steps missing that everyone just ‘knew’, the process had multiple failure points, and was more or less a complete disaster. Every other release to PRODUCTION would have some release process error that…

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My client tasked me with upgrading their build server. Today, their platform builds VS 2080 solutions in .NET 3.5 - and I’ve been pushing to upgrade everyone to Visual Studio (VS) 2010 and eventually .NET 4.0. I want to upgrade the server to build a VS 2010 solution in .NET 3.5.

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