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Project Planning

All the previous project planning articles summarized into a checklist.

Project Planning Checklist


  1. Identity your stakeholders
  2. Identity the goal you’re trying to accomplish
  3. Get familiar with the code
  4. Set up a local environment to try things out

Beginning to Plan

  1. Identify the rough scope of the work
  2. Identify the milestones of the project

Project Kickoff

  1. High-Level Timelines
    • Call out timelines you haven’t figured out yet, and when you will figure them out
  2. Identify Roles and Responsibilities of people involved with the project
  3. Identify Dependencies on other teams
    • Lay out the requirements for what you need from others to be successful
  4. Identify Goals and Outcomes for the project
  5. Identify how you want people to work together on the project
  6. Identify next steps after the kickoff is complete

Overall Technical Design

  1. An overview of the problem
  2. A breakdown of the individual milestones and how they’re related
  3. High-level process / workflow diagrams / designs / etc
  4. Any other notes that might be relevant to folks who will be working on the project

Breaking Down the Project into Milestones

  1. Are the milestones clear on what they’re delivering?
  2. Do you have a plan for communicating updates and setbacks?
  3. Do you have time for writing/reviewing milestone specific tech specs?
  4. Do you have time devoted to metrics / data / monitoring what you built?
  5. Do you have time devoted to testing?
  6. Do you have time devoted to paying down tech debt in the area you’re working on?
  7. Do you have a sign-off process?
  8. Did you add time for fast-follow work?
  9. Does your milestone fit into your overall timeline?

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