Matt Blair

Matt Blair

I read that you learn more from a poor example than from a correct one. I don't believe this but that means my site will be a success.

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I’ve found a neat feature of derby dealing with the ready() function. I’ve been creating a derby app, and in my application I need to load up a client-side calendar. With a standard HTML web page this is straightforward thing to do. On the page you wanted the calendar, you would include the client js for the calendar, some code to load it, and that would be that. Derby introduced some complexity to this relatively simple task. On my first attempt, I put my scripts in the section of…

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In working with Twitter Bootstrap Forms, one of my favorite ways to lay out a form is using the Horizontal form layout. The layout requires a bit of css/html to get each of the form elements (the text boxes and what not) to play nicely. To add form elements to the horizontal form layout, you need the following html structure for each field:

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As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m a big fan of Twitter Bootstrap. Lately I’ve been playing been with JavaScript and Derby. I want to integrate bootstrap with the POC site I’m building, and the creators of Derby have already figured out a way to do this.

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