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Matt Blair

I read that you learn more from a poor example than from a correct one. I don't believe this but that means my site will be a success.

Further Engineering Management Classes

Further Engineering Management Classes

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Some further classes I recommend for potential new engineering managers.

So many companies want to set up goals in the OKR (Objective-Key Result) format. This shows some great examples how to format yours.

I use SCQA all the time in my communications both up to leadership and down to my teams. Highly recommend taking this class or reading The Pyramid Principle.

If you’re a manager, you’re going to have to figure out a way to set goals for your teams and measure the performance of those goals. This will help.

A three-day class on how to be a better leader for your group.

How to give great performance reviews (and how you shouldn’t be talking about performance once a year).

I had a former colleague say the true measure of someone’s effectiveness is not how they manage their direct reports, but how they manage to get their agenda done in the larger organization, and motivate people who don’t report to them to work on tasks that are important to them. This class helps with those skills.

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