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Moment.js instantiation slowness

Moment.js instantiation slowness

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Was doing some test speedup/performance improvement work recently on the search API and found out something; the moment.js library takes around 100 microseconds (or .1 milliseconds) to create a new instance.

Why is 100 microseconds a big deal?

If you’re processing:

  • 100 records
  • Where each record has 7 date fields
  • Then you’ve created 70,000 microseconds of work
  • Or 70 milliseconds of processing delay.

By doing some memoization of date formatting in our API, we’ve seen these performance improvements:

Response Times

Before After
Fastest 211ms 194ms
Max 651ms 597ms
Average 309ms 268ms

Without making any significant changes, we’ve managed to shave 41ms off of our response time on average!

Hope this helps someone else.

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