Beautiful LINQ to Xml

Is there anything better in life than finding a better way to do something? An easier commute, a better night's sleep, a tastier cake recipe? In starting the Nike+ importer for, I knew I was going to have to deal with a bit of XML. Which used to mean XPath. Not so much anymore. LINQ to XML, you rock my world. It turns XML like this...

     <extendedData dataType="distance" intervalType="time" intervalUnit="s" intervalValue="10">
         0.0, 0.0372, 0.0705, 0.1041, ....
     <extendedData dataType="speed" intervalType="time" intervalUnit="s" intervalValue="10">
         0.0, 13.3866, 12.6856, 12.4970, ....
     <extendedData dataType="heartRate" intervalType="time" intervalUnit="s" intervalValue="10">
         0, 88, 108, 115, ....

With a little bit of code like this:

 work.Snapshots =
     from n in extendedData.Elements("extendedData")
     select     new Workout.SnapShot {
                 DataType = n.Attribute("dataType").Value,
                 Interval = (int) n.Attribute("intervalValue"),
                 IntervalType = n.Attribute("intervalType").Value,
                 IntervalUnit = n.Attribute("intervalUnit").Value,
                 Intervals = n.Value.Split(',').Select(p => Convert.ToSingle(p.Trim())) };

into something useful. The best part - no more XPath string literals in your code. 2nd best part - that (int) cast. That isn't really a cast - it's actually an indirect call to Convert.ToInt32. It parses the underlying value contained in the Attribute (or Element), then converts it into the correct type. That's the kind of coding magic I like.