My name is Matt Blair. Born in Virginia and now in the Bay Area. I write code during the day, play underwater hockey when I get a chance, and do other things occasionally.

I'm the author of libraries such as songbird, js-algorithms, esvalidate, grunt-extract-sourcemap, and laboratory.

I'm a mediocre presenter at meetups and conferences.

You can read about my management style here.

I've contributed to projects such as emberjs, ember-data, browserify-middleware, fluentmigrator, amplify, and cassette. I help maintain write-good.

I've also the author of the semi-decent sublime plugin sublime-jsvalidate and the partially worthwhile sublime-write-gooder.

Why a blog?

I want to keep learning. I like to try new technologies. But I am a imperfect individual. I make more than my share of mistakes. As I learn from them, I hope others out there can as well.

I read somewhere that a you learn more from a poor quality example or mistake than from correct ones. I don't believe this, but by that standard, my blog will be a success.

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