Clinic Drills

Individual Drills

Wall Pushes

Players line up on the wall, push into the wall, practice kicking without having their hips raise up

Upside Down Defense Drill

Practice Swimming Upside Down, changing direction, always facing the puck/bottom of the pool

Pullback puck drill

Have players swim onto puck, pull puck back, then:

  1. Turn arm upside down, extend to non-arm side (to left side for righties)
  2. Put puck on inside edge, inside flick to arm side (right side for righties)

Kelp Dives

Basic Kelp Dive practicing

Back Surfacing Drill

Puck on the bottom. Line up on Surface, ten feet behind puck. Kelp dive down, swim on bottom, push puck 20 feet, surface backwards 10 feet at 45 degree angle. Rinse and Repeat

Kelp Diving onto Wall Drill

Puck on the bottom, 1 meter off the wall. Player lines up 10 feet behind the puck. Kelp Dive down, swim on bottom, push puck into wall. Make shoulder and hip contact with wall, swim the puck forward 20 feet, pass the puck 1 meter off wall, surface backwards 10 feet at 45 degree angle.

Game 1 - Kelp Dive Game

Stop Action game. Everything but strike is Kelp Dives. Any time a player duck dives, game stops, player subs, other team gets the puck, play resumes.

1-1 Drills

Passing Tree (2 Players)

Two players drop on the bottom. One player with the puck, the other player defends.

The player's passing tree:

1) Swim 2) Pass laterally 3) Lay the puck backwards

If the defenders drops in the front of the player, the player should drive into them, and then pass laterally. If the defender bodies them on the side, the player with the puck should drive forward

Equal Puck

Have two players take equal pucks. Nuff said.

Wall Play

Puck is on the wall. Two players drop down (kelp dive), then try to drive the puck towards 5 feet behind where the puck is placed. Player to push the puck down the wall past the mark wins.

1-1 Goal Play

Puck is at 3 meter circle. One player on goal, other player at puck.

Player takes puck (CANNOT SHOOT), swims at the goal, tries to score.

Question: What are we working on here? Do we set this up right on the lip of the goal, work on left/right shoulder dropping?

Rundown drill

A forward swims towards a goal, changing direction. The back defends upside down, mirroring the forward, turning upside down while defending.

2-1 Drills

Wall Drill

Passing Tree Drill

Goal Scoring Drill

Equal Puck Drill

2-2 Drills

Wall Drill

Passing Tree Drill

Goal Scoring Drill

EP/CF Drill